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Welcome to Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy the horses and please do contact us for further details.

With two cremello stallions, a black silver dapple, an up and coming Coates Oliver bred grulla colt and an impressive herd of mares we aim to satisfy the growing demand for the unusual coloured cobs alongwith the traditional black and whites. Our adventure for the unusual colours began when we were approached by clients worldwide to find them something in a special colour without compromising on quality.

Based in Kent SE England, we are proud to be known as one of the leading breeders and supplier of traditional and special coloured Gypsy Cobs. Recognised as a major exporter in many countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe you can feel assured that we have the experience to hold your hand every step of the way. From matching you to the cob of your dreams (which is usually already in our field we just may not have managed to add he or she to the website!), to arranging a vetting if required and all transportation and tests if necessary. We have established good working relationships with transporters over the years so you can relax whilst we handle it all.

We strive to 'work for the deal after the deal before' so need 100% satisfaction from all of our clients. We are proud to be able to boast that to date we have received exactly that. As a UK based company exporting worldwide with no agent's we simply would not be where we are today, even with just one unhappy customer.

We work very closely with many of the top breeders in the UK, whom we and our families have known for several generations. We travel to all of the horse fairs in the UK and Ireland to seek out the finest and varied stock for our clients, or to add something extra special to our already impressive breeding programme.

All of our colts can be gelded prior to leaving if required.

All of our horses are open to vet inspection and one of your choice and we can provide impressive references upon request:

"You are by far the most professional people I have ever dealt with in the business and horse world and I have been importing horses for several years. I thank you so much for making such a wonderful horse available to me".

We are able to offer package deals too!.

If you are looking to import several horses we can not only offer you significant savings on the horses themselves but we can also get you a competitive rate with top shipping companys. Furthermore if you see a horse you like and want to wait for an even cheaper 'charter flight' we are sometimes able to hold onto the horse(s) until one is available.


How to buy a horse from us?!.

Buying one of our horses is really easy, no matter where you are in the world!

The majority of our horses are bought with confidence, unseen, from their photographs and descriptions and soundness of our reputation. We have many satisfied customers both in the UK and throughout the world. References can be provided or you may have already had one!

Step 1 - Selection

Choose your horse(s)

Step 2 - Options

Horses are open to any checks

Step 3 - Transport

We regularly work with all types of transporters and can direct you to the right people to get your horse home. We are happy to be as involved in this process as you would like.

Sometimes we are able to assist with local road delivery ourselves.

Step 4 - Payment

Following the agreed deposit the horse must be paid for in full before he or she can leave. This can be done by bank transfer, bankerís draft, cheque or cash.

Step 5 - Journey

Your new horse begins its journey home to you.

Please note design, copyright, all rights reserved. No reproductions of any images on all website pages without written consent. Amy Coates 2013. Thank you.

Please note it is with regret that we are unable to provide information such as bloodlines relating to gypsy cobs NOT purchased from Sometimes a horses background or breeding is unknown (even with some of our best cobs) but if this is important to you we feel very strongly that this is the responsibility of the person who sold you the horse and if they do not know, or are not willing to help you try to find out, you are clearly buying from the wrong people.

Gypsy Cobs for sale

Gypsy Cobs for sale

Gypsy Cobs for sale